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Business Colleagues

Greater Cincinnati Employers Group on Health

We are employer healthcare purchasers in the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as consultants who represent many other local employers, who are interested in improving the healthcare ecosystem in the area. 

Our Services

Our Mission

We are an employer caucus that listens, learns, and serves as a ‘Voice of the Customer’ for health systems and carriers. We strive to:

Give a Voice to Employers

Provide employers a voice in driving positive change in Greater Cincinnati health care, in partnership with carriers and health care systems.

Advocate for Innovation

Collaboratively advocate for more innovation in health care delivery and payment.


Educate employers on all aspects of health care delivery, quality and measures through the identification and sharing of best practices.

Ready to find out more?

The Greater Cincinnati Employer's Group on Health holds frequent informational events and downloadable PDFs with educational material. 

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